happy dance!


Received a few minutes ago:

Dear Elizabeth,


You have been accepted as a presenter at the
O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference 2004
at the Westin Horton Plaza, San Diego, California,
February 09, 2004 - February 12, 2004.

The following proposal has been accepted as a 45 minute
session for the event:

"Breaking Into the Boys' Club: How Diversifying Your Team Can Expand Your Market"

Y'all come, y'hear?


Huzzah & congrats!

Representin' the boys' club, I'll be there too presenting on

Virtual Worlds, Distributed Interaction: Extending a MMOG with Remote Scripting, IM, Mobiles and REST

(Yes, I know that's a lot of buzzwords.)

Congratulations Liz :)

I wonder if I should try to go to ETCon...hmm, probably not...

but congrats again, that's awesome

Of course, now that I look at the title, I realize that it really should be "Breaking _out_ of the boys' club." Wonder if I can change it at this point?

Way cool! Breaking out, breaking in....who cares. It still smashes the Old Boy's Club into teeny tiny bits. How could that ever be bad?!?! LOL!

"Ya'll come, y'hear?

hi baby
my name is a riff
IMA Turkey
i want to come, y'hear?
please call or sent me a cabbage

lol. Weez will get it, even if nobody else does.

Congratulations, that is great news!

Hey, that's great. Congratulations!

If I go to the conference your paying right? ;)

Has the happy news helped with the progress on the other paper?


And has the change in the direction from breaking _into_ to breaking _out_ have something to do with what you might say about the workings of cultural capital?

It makes me think of another Liz. Stanley, Liz and Sue Wise. Breaking Out Again: Feminist Ontology and Epistemology. London & New York: Routledge, 1993.

Someone somewhere wrote about them:
In their thinking, theory is an activity. It is of the domain of practice. [...] This primacy of the social ensures that in their discourse mere reversal is never lodged as a fulcrum, never left unquestioned.

Good luck with the diversification paper and the other one (the AOIR one) too!

Good for you. Will your presentation be available electronically after the conference?

At the FLOS Caribbean conference, someone spoke of Women in Open Source... But I've never met a woman in FLOS who had any problems... is this a proprietary problem alone?

Some stuff from my presentation will be available, but I don't really do "canned" powerpoint style presentations.

One thing about the gender issue is that for most women in technology, it's really not about "having problems"--incidents of open sexism are few and far between in the experiences of most of the women I know in the field these days. The bigger issue is the environment, and the fact that when you're the only one--or one of the only ones--in a crowd, it's hard for your views to be incorporated into the assumptions of the product. (Which is a big part of what I want to talk about.)

I loved Oliver Willis' comment after BloggerCon:

During one of the Saturday sessions a member of the audience referred to the assembled crowd as "utopia". Now, yes, I loved the blog camaraderie but quite frankly I don't want to be the only black person in utopia. I was the only black person in that room, and was one of a few minorities. I'm not whining about that, but simply stating the fact that a technology that is mostly the pursuit of upper middle class white males does diddly to change the real world.

Well, I'll come if they accept one of my proposals...

"Breaking in" has better rhythm than "Breaking out of" -- and I guess one could argue that breaking in has to precede breaking out -- in this context, anyway. You personally may already be "in" -- but aren't you (also) addresing people who are not there yet?

Well, the audience I'll be talking to will be almost completely "members of the club," which is why I want to talk to them about breaking _out_ of their usual modes of operation.

Maybe "breaking up"? Though that has a destructive sound to it that I don't care for.


Glad your stuff won't be canned! :)

You mentioned the Oliver Willis comment - and it has merit. I can see both sides of that, given my mixed heritage (Indian/Dutch/Italian/Greek/Portugese/...) I've been mistaken for just about every minority and majority out there (notably because of facial hair changes, quite interesting...)

But there's a flip side to it. At BloggerCon, everyone there were supposed to be... Bloggers. If you're a Blogger, you're supposed to fit. A lot of the time, it's all in how one perceives one's self. If I were purple (which I am not, thankfully) and I were in a group of people who blogged, and I only saw myself as the only purple person there - who has the problem?

And if someone else had a problem with my being purple, and they were part of a majority - then there would be an issue. If someone else had a problem and they were part of a minority (or the whole minority, for that matter), it would not be an issue.

So it comes down to culture, which will probably be one of your points - and yet, culture is fragmented even in a company. Individuals seek like individuals, and it's how they see themselves that defines what they look for in other individuals.

It's not that it is always a problem, it's that it's can be a problem.

Perhaps you understand where I am coming from, and may have already explored this. Dunno. It's a challenging area, but it's one I've lived with every day in many parts of the world. After 32 years on this planet, I am only certain that I'm still learning. :)

Congratulations :-)

Congrats Liz!




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