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I finally got official $ approval for my "international" travel to Toronto next week (for AoIR 2003), so I'm looking at hotel options. I've narrowed it down to two choices (neither or which is the conference hotel, the Hilton--too expensive, since I missed the cutoff for the conference rate).

It looks like a choice between The Metropolitan (looks more luxurious, and has wifi throughout the public areas, as well as broadband in all the rooms) and Cambridge Suites (appears to be closer to the conference hotel, has roomy suites and free breakfasts).

I think I'll have to call tomorrow to see (1) if the Metropolitan charges for in-room broadband, (2) if Cambridge has broadband in all their rooms (may only be the pricier ones), and (3) what each charges for parking (which, as I recall, is a highly lucrative side business for Toronto hotels).

Anybody have experience staying in either of those hotels?

(And no, the paper's not done. But it will be before I get there Wednesday night!)

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Hi, Liz!

The Metropolitan is the swankier of the two hotels, and it's got a great high-brow Chinese restaurant that's won a number of awards. The downside is that in addition to being farther away from the conference venue, it's also in a poorly-lit area that's sparsely populated at night and near the bus station. This is Toronto the Good, but if that sort of setting makes you uncomfy, it may not be for you.

The Cambridge Suites has no restaurant of any note, but you're falling distance from both Queen and King Streets West, which puts you within striking distance of lots of places to eat at night. Its location is much better-lit and populated at night. It's also on the PATH, which lets you navigate much of the downtown core underground -- pretty nice if the weather is terrible.

Both hotels are a nice short walk from my neighbourhood. Hope to catch up with you when you're in town!

I think there are people still looking for roommates to share a room at the Hilton. You could try posting. Also, remember that your dollar is worth more than our CDN :)

Thanks, Joey. That's useful. I'll probably go with the Suites, _if_ it turns out they've got high-speed access in the room.

Netwoman, I've got about US$150 per night to spend on lodging, which will cover either of the two places I mentioned, but not the conference hotel. (Even after the currency exchange, the rate for the Hilton rooms would be well over $200/night, since I missed the conference rate cutoff.)

I don't mind sharing rooms with people I know, but I did enough of the "blind roommate" thing as a grad student that I really don't want to do it now that I have a choice. :)

Called Cambridge Suites, and found out that they only have broadband in their fancy "Cityscape" suites, which were US$70 more per night than the expedia rate on a basic suite. But the reservations person asked if I'd book directly if she could bring the rate down by $30/night, and when I agreed she "magically" found a cancellation at that lower rate. :) Plus I don't have to pay the whole thing up front the way I would with Expedia, which means I'll get reimbursed by RIT a lot faster.

I'll be driving up Wednesday night, and even though my presentation is bright-and-early Thursday morning, I'm planning on staying for the whole conference. in my room, y'all!




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