mamamusings: October 2, 2003

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Thursday, 2 October 2003

i *hate* os x mail

Here’s why…

There’s no way to tell on OS X that you don’t want it to check mail on one of your accounts. (Update: Well, no obvious way. Turns out the “advanced” tab in account preferences lets you deactivate it.) My main account was freezing, so to get it to stop trying to check it, I deleted the account in, figuring I’d add it back in later when the server problem was fixed. It flashed up the predictable “are you sure” message, and I automatically clicked yes. Much too fast, alas.

It turns out that if you delete an account in, it deletes every piece of mail sent or received under that account at the same time. In this case, nearly 2000 pieces of mail, going back several years. And it really deletes them, as in rm -rf, not as in “moved to the trash.”

I want to cry.

To compound that problem, my husband recently overwrote my Firewire hard drive (which I use for backups), so I have no backup of this information. None. And this is POP mail, not IMAP, so it’s not on the server. It is well and truly gone forever.

Did I mention that I want to cry?

I’m going home now.

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