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I'm working on the design for my MT-driven class website for this fall, and I'm running into a problem with displaying it in Safari. Not sure if it's a Safari bug, or a problem with my CSS, but it's driving me nuts. (Seems to work in Mac IE5 and Mac Mozilla...haven't tested it on a PC yet.)

The problem is that I have a tiled background image, which I want to have appear behind the sidebar and title bar. So I set the background-image property for the body to use that image. Then I set the background-color for the main blog content to be white.

The problem in Safari appears when the blog content takes up less space on the page than the sidebar. At the point where the blog content ends, the white background spills over to the left, into the sidebar--for no apparent good reason that I can see. I've tried tweaking z-indexes (z-indices?) and height properties for both blog and sidebar, to no avail.

So, is this a Safari thing? Or am I missing something that I could do in my code to make this work properly? Wise counsel from those learned in CSS lore would be greatly appreciated.

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I've been fighting with CSS all afternoon at work trying to get background-repeat to render properly. Turns out Safari 1.0 is broken. Bowl of suck. http://www.onda-media.com/jani/archive/safari_bug/ http://www.xs4all.nl/~mosm/Opinion/Articles/safari_bu... Read More


That's the Safari 1.0 CSS background-repeat + float bug. I was bit by this on the MacRIT website, as well. Very annoying.

Thanks, Adam! I think what I'll do is switch the menu boxes in the title bar to an absolute rather than float position--maybe that will fix it.

Liz, there's a great newsgroup about CSS through the folks at www.projectseven.com. A lot of Safari questions--and workarounds--come up regularly. Great resource, along with their more general web design newsgroup. Info at the site on how to connect.

The bug Adam mentions has bit me on a site or two that I read daily... it is quite a pain.

Nice to see the error page has been useful to someone... Let's just hope Apple gets this annoying feature fixed by the next version of Safari :)

CSS drives me nuts too. I have been wanting to launch my new MT template to replace the default one. The problem was when I tested my page on my Safari it works perfectly. But the pages screw up when I tested it on IE for Mac and Windows. So I fixed it and it got screw up in Safari. I wonder when will CSS be compatible across all browser. I don't want to limit my audiences just to one browser and hopefully I will solve the problem soon. Only if I have the time :(

I have nothing constructive to add, other than that a Safari user reported that my weblog "exploded" shortly after I switched to a CSS template.




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