start the day with a kiss


Or at least a picture of one.

You don't necessarily need to know the context for that photo entry to enjoy it, but it adds some depth. Weez's 19-month-old son Gabriel has a bit of a biting problem--and Weez has the bruises on her arms right now to prove it. We were out last night*, and she was talking about her struggles in getting him to shed this behavior. So, the photos are a nice follow-up.

*Girls' night out after a workout. Sitting on the patio on a warm night at The Distillery, with frozen margaritas, raspberry wheat beers, and appetizers guaranteed to undo what we'd accomplished in the gym. Bliss.


Very sweet pictures. By the way, what happened to the little php script you were using on your homepage to keep track of your workouts?

It got too cumbersome to keep updating the database. I've been reasonably diligent about regular exercise, though not at the daily level I'd originally set for myself. But I decided that my exercise and/or lack of it were not something I wanted to add a computer-based component to. :)

I will, however, pat myself on the back by noting that I've lost 2" off my waist, and am now bench-pressing 60 pounds. Yay me!

Sweet! My son (almost 2) asks for kisses: "A kiss?"

My daughter used to bite me. And yes, I had bruises all over my arms and neck to prove it. One day I lost my temper and bit her back. That was the end of the biting problem.

lovely idea.
I still remember what you said about dieting. I think you should have a look at joel fuhrman's live to eat diet, it's in the first place an intellectual plaesure (a teaser: fuhrman doesn't measure calories by 100 g of food but by quantity of nutrients by 100 calories; then add that the sensors that tell you that you have eaten enough aren't weight but volume oriented)




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