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In November, that is. I'll definitely be speaking at the Internet Librarian conference in Monterey.

So, what's going to be the least expensive way for me to get to Monterey from Rochester? Airfare directly to Monterey from here is outrageously expensive (~$600rt), so that's not ideal. Airfare into SFO from here is about the same (right now; I suppose it could drop).

One possibility is to fly JetBlue (my favorite airline) from Rochester to Oakland ($308rt), and then rent a car. Mapquest says it's 120 miles. Is that a silly thing to try to do? Will the roads make me crazy and stressed? Or would it be fun and beautiful and worth it?

Other ideas?

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Lis is going to speak at Internet Librarian this year. I will most probably be there as well. We should have a blogger get-together, like we did in DC this March. All you Jenny. Read More


depending on time of day & all that, it could be a nice drive (that's from memory; it's been a few years since I've been in that neck of the woods). if you have time not to worry about rushing, I bet there's a very cool route.

(and the cost for airfare, etc., is why we didn't end up going to Rochester this summer, btw.)

Liz - How about Amtrak?

It's not a lot further to Monterrey from Oakland than it is from SFO. 101 thru silicon valley is just as choked as the Nimitz through Hayward and Fremont and then voila, they join up somewhere around San Jose/Santa Clara and you have some choices... over the hill to Santa Cruz on the scenic tour and waste time and whiten your knuckles on high speed mountain 17, or continue on down through San Jose and cut over to the coast down around Gilroy or something.

Have you checked on the fares into San Jose International postage stamp?

Amtrak would be okay if I had more time, but it's right in the middle of the quarter, so I can't do a leisurely trip. :(

You probably don't want to fly into Monterey. Small airport, flights cancel frequently.

Oakland, San Jose, or SF are all good. Take the scenic route. It's a beautiful drive once you are twenty miles or so into it. Fast on weekends, slow on weekdays.

Have a great trip!

It will take you uder 3 hours to drive from Oakland to Monterey. You take 800 south to route 17--it bypasses much of the city traffic and the Valley traffic as well..and Route 17 is THE road to Monterey.
Alternative is tofly into San Jose, but I honestly, think, having lived in the area for 4 years, that Oakland would totally work as a strategy--truth is, it's inconvenient to get to Monterey from all the airports.

Fares everywhere *but* Oakland are in the $600 range; into Oakland I can fly JetBlue for $308...and watch TV while I fly. :) And I can rent a decent-sized car from National, unlimited miles, for ~$100. Sounds like a plan.

And who knows...maybe I'll find an Oakland-area blogfriend or librarian who wants to drive to Monterey with me, too.

San Jose....then drive. Is beautiful. DId it last year for the Making IT Easy conference. If you're a REAL woman, you'll do it on a motorbike!!


How about redeem some of your Amex points for a FREE ticket directly into Monterey?

OAK was our best-kept secret for getting in and out of the Bay Area easily, but it's getting more popular. The drive would be a little shorter from SFO but B (my SO) and I make the drive the Monterey from Oakland fairly regularly with no trouble.

There are two routes: via the coast thru San Jose and the Santa Cruz mountains, or the inland route. B recommends the inland route:

101 so., cut over on 156 to Watsonville, up 1 to Monterey.

It's about a 2.5-hr drive.

How much is the car rental? And is there any possibility that fares to Monterey might drop?

I think it might be a real hassle to make a 2.5 hour care journey by yourself after flying from NY to California. And of course you'd have to do the same thing on your return.

Have you tried I've sometimes found great deals with them. However, my experience has been that the good prices aren't available too far in advance (ie, more than 21 days but less than 2 months in advance seems to the window of opportunity).

Oops! of course I meant "car journey."

I'd second the recommendations for flying into Oakland and driving. I've done the drive several times from Oakland to Monterey while visiting the aquarium -- takes approx. 3 hours, depending on when you leave (avoid rush hour if possible). I've usually taken the "inland" route through Watsonville (though there was that one memorable time we cut over to the Pacific early and followed Hwy. 1 down. Takes forever, but one gorgeous drive.

I'd *definitely* recommend the drive and having a car in the area in general. On your way down, stop by at Gilroy for some great garlic anything. If you go a bit west, stop by Santa Cruz which is the only beachable beach in Northern California. When in Monterey, make certain to go down to Carmel-by-the-Sea and see the funky hobbit houses and the Frank Geary. It's so pretty out here, especially in October. And regardless, use it as an excuse to visit us up in the city who won't be at the conference. ::wink::


Pretty well beaten to death, but:

While San Jose International is probably an hour closer (than Oakland) to Monterey, the fare difference seems to settle that.

Either airport should be more hassle-free and more likely to have planes landing on time than SFO. (I use SJC almost exclusively, and haven't used OAK in years.)

liz - i flew into oakland on jet blue in march. it was a great flight... and i detest flying these days. i took the cheapest flight - arrived in oakland at 1am pacific time. if you rent a room and stay overnight, you'll feel a lot better about the drive. get there a day early and go sight seeing in san fran - moma, coit tower, the cliff house, golden gate park, the wharf. lots to do.

definately into Oakland and then rent a car and drive to Monterey by 101 and 156 south




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