supernova/blogger party in dc

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The Supernova conference is fast approaching (just made my plane reservations! yay!), and so is Joi's party. The party's not just for Supernova attendees, however. It's open invitation to bloggers generally, and I'm surprised to see the (relatively) short list of attendees on Joi's wiki.

(Well, maybe less surprised than I would be if I didn't have such a bad attitude about wikis... )

At any rate, if you're in or close to the DC area on Monday July 7th, I hope you'll come to the party. Just add yourself to the list!

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Yay! Back in May, I suggested to Joi Ito that he organize a blogger party around the Supernova Conference here in Washington. Looks like he thought it was a good idea: Blogger Party in DC!!... Read More

DC Bloggers from Gallowglass on June 26, 2003 5:02 PM

Via Liz Lawley, plans for a blogger get-together connected with the Supernova conference in DC on July 7 or 9. Attendees list and opportunities to vote on time and venue at Joi Ito’s wiki.... Read More

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see you there, liz!

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