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It's been a lovely 24 hours. Went dancing last night with my friend Elouise ("Weez"), at a relatively new club in town called Rain. We were particularly delighted by the ladies' room, which sports a lounge with couches and tables, a private window to the bar, and a one-way mirror that lets you make sure that unwanted suitors aren't hovering by the door before you leave!

DJ Lino was spinning tunes--which is relevant mostly because Weez just finished his web site. Nice, huh? She's good. Hire her. (freelance...she's got a day job, teaching with me.)

Then my husband let me sleep late--until 10am, an unheard-of luxury for me. And when I did drag myself out of bed, it was sunny and nearly 50 degrees outside. Bliss.

I was in such a good mood, in fact, that I even sat down and did our taxes (which I should have done some time ago). Hefty sum coming back to us, probably quickly due to e-filing and direct deposit. (Thank you,!)

toptenfirstnames-small.gifAnd to cap off the evening, after I sat down with a glass of an excellent local Riesling, I did a little ego-surfing and discovered that I'm to #7 in Google on a search for "Liz". (I've been hovering at #10 for weeks now.) Since it seems clear that I'm climbing rather than clinging, I've hereby awarded myself David Weinberger's "Top Ten First Names" award.

So, all in all, a day to be thankful for. Good friends, good weather, good wine, good surfing. <happy sigh>


I would never even have thought of checking my first name ranking on Google. But my vanity took me there immediately. 41! Luckily, I do a bit better with my last name :).

Ah. Well. Yes. There are obviously many, many, many Andrews important enough to make it on Google. I do get there, just, if I search on "Andrew's Place". Perhaps if my last name appeared on my blog, I'd do better.

Whatever. All power to you, Liz.

It seems that weblogs are climbing google again, last summer I was the #1 gary on the planet, then after they chnaged their ranking rules i was demoted to 17th. Now I'm 10th, climbing a slot every other week lately. I'm checking this detail purely to see how google views weblogs, not for any personal ego thing. honestly.

It sounds like you are having fun. I like the idea of searching for our first name. I'm off to check out our names here...

Doh! I didn't realize you didn't allow html. I made myself a "top 41" prize." Click on my name below to see. War? What war?

Weird. I have HTML turned on for comments. Maybe the built-in "sanitize" feature doesn't approve of your code? :-)

Let me try this:

(That should be a big picture of me as a baby.)

Nope. Not showing images. Let me poke around in the code. It may not support images in comments.

Is this a link?

Need to modify the "sanitize" settings to include images. I expect some problems in the process, so I'll wait 'til I have a little more time to troubleshoot.


Surprised me with others, I would never have thought of doing a first-name vanity search.

#12, ignoring "more like this" indents.

Which, given disney, whitman, mossberg, is pretty amazing. Three million walts: what a depressing thought.

I'm the #2 Elaine. Freaky...and the number one Elaine (of Kalilly) is also a blogger.

I feel like I should make a page for Lady Elaine Fairchild, just 'cause.

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