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I wish Technorati would add a feature that would let me see the overlap between two (or more) cosmos. For example, who's in both Seb Paqet's Cosmos and Jonathon Delacour's? And which of those are not in mine? Being able to do that kind of boolean logic on Cosmos sets would be really useful for finding new blogs relevant to your own interests.

Not sure if Technorati makes any of their data available, but I'd love to turn a couple of students loose on projects like this...


Blogdex used to do kind of that - well, sort of - in the Social Network Explorer. Which has now disappeared...

Not quite what you're talking about, but I find it interesting to explore connections using BlogStreet's visualizer: http://www.blogstreet.com/blogsqlbin/visualneighborhood.pl?url=http%3A%2F%2Fweblog.delacour.net&first=1

that's a great idea, liz. on a number of fronts. I actually have a unique problem that this type of functionality as an aggregate would help. I'm hosted by radio.weblogs.com; but I have a domain pointer from blog.digitaltavern.com to the radio "master" URL. As a result, I have some people link to me using the "alias" while others link using a weblogs.com anchor (ie. a specific post) so to really see my cosmos I have to run to searches. of couse this feature is simply for my own satisfaction and perhaps laziness, but I like the idea of culling out the common links/pointers between multiple blogs. BTW, love blogstreet just cool. and the BlogTree is certainly interesting too.

Check out http://www.myelin.co.nz/ecosystem/ - not quite as comprehensive as Technorati, but with a downloadable data set accessible to anyone who can program in Python

Thanks, Henry. Good suggestion. Now I have to dig up students. :-)

Allan, I like the blogstreet concept, but I can't get the visualizer to run reasonably on my computer (first generation TiBook running OS X 10.2). It's painfully slow.




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