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I don't usually jump on the daypop bandwagon and hype a web site unrelated to my usual topics. But I'm making an exception for Arianna Huffington's new endeavour: The Detroit Project.

The idea for this project came to me while watching -- for the umpteenth time -- one of those outrageous drug war ads the Bush administration has flooded the airwaves with. You know, the ones that try and link using drugs to financing terrorism. Instead of shaking my head in disgust and reaching for the Mute button like I usually do when I see these ads, I decided to channel my indignation. Why not turn the tables and adopt the same tactics the administration was using in the drug war to point out the much more credible link between driving SUVs and our national security?

The two ads that are already available (in RealPlayer format) have been refused as "public service spots" by some television stations, but your donation can help to get them on the air.


But wait there's more....
(from article see link below)

SUV, truck owners get a big tax break
Loophole allows hefty write-off for vehicles

Karl Wizinsky wasn't thinking about buying a new vehicle, and certainly not a big SUV. So why is there a brand-new $47,000 Ford Excursion sitting in his driveway?

He was able to write off $32,000 of the purchase price as a business expense.


Arianna Huffington has been supporting her Detroit Project and preaching against SUV's and Pick -ups and praising people for buying foriegn vechicles as US auto workers are facing lay offs in a sagging economy. If Arianna Huffington is as serious about this Detroit Project, then why is she flying all over the US in a private jet for interveiws on talk shows about the Detroit Project. Yes, she says if you drive a SUV, you support terrorism, then we could say she supports terrorism by flying in her private jet instead of commercial flights. Her private jet burns more fuel in a around trip flight from LA to Chicage then my SUV does in a year. Is Arianna Huffington supporting terrorism too? Or what?? Her preaching does not apply to her. I think she is full of shit, I am going to continue to drive my SUV and Pick - up until one of them breaks. Then I am going to continue to buy American made SUV's or Pick-ups. From my understanding of the law, you can be arrested for supporting terrorism. I am driving a SUV according Arianna Huffington, I am supporting terrorism for driving a SUV. Why is it I am not in jail. Because according to the US government I am not supporting a terrorism by driving a SUV. Arianna Huffington you are full of it...You have double standards, give up the private jet, give up 10,000 sq ft plus home that has higher natural gas bill than a grocery store. Then maybe more of us Terrorist Supporting SUV Drivers might listen to you...I serious doubt that!!!

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