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Wednesday, 29 January 2003

trackback integration?

Tom Coates expresses frustration with the role and nature of trackback technology, and says that he's designed his site to incorporate trackbacks into the content. I have no idea what he means, so I'm pinging his post to see what happens. :-)

If the ping works, and he ends up here, I have some suggestions for him...

First, add a more explicit permalink to the entries. Blogging UI convention is that the comments link brings up just the comments, not the full post--so it took me quite a while to figure out how to link directly to the post in question.

Second, be aware that the value of trackback is that you don't need to already know that someone's talking about you--if someone whose blog you don't regularly read references you, the backlinking is automatic. If someone references this post, I don't want to have to (a) hope that I'll stumble across the link by poring over referrer logs, or (b) go in manually and add a link back to the person who referenced me. I want that all to happen in the background--I want to be notified when someone links to me, and I want my readers to be able to follow those links, all with no effort on my part.

Automatically bidirectional links are a really powerful technology--one that elevates links between blogs in the same way that listservs elevated the concept of a list of e-mail addresses. Like listservs, trackback automates a process that was labor-intensive and error-prone.

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best line of the day

From Joi Ito's Web:

if you took all of the drunken businessmen in the 75,000 bars and restaurants in Tokyo (I saw this figure many years ago in Time Magazine.) and made them go home and blog, the revolution in Japan might happen much more quickly.

I love this. "Make them go home and blog." Maybe I should suggest this as a solution to internecine academic politics.

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