whither the blog?

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It's all Kottke's fault.


(I'm warning you now...don't download it, if you've got any real work you need to do.)

There's also a very interesting post on Snood and its ilk (think Tetris, Bejeweled, etc) on Greg Costikyan's blog. It addresses the question of why--when they're so obviously popular--games like these get so little respect.

So, now I've explained my absence, and provided the obligatory techno-link. Amazing. And on that note, I return to my obsessive Snood-shooting.

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Ah, yes, welcome to the dark side. When I got my new computer I made sure Snood wasn't downloaded--in the interest of productivity.

It's interesting-- when Trudy was at St. John Fisher, she said the computer lab treated "Snood outbreaks" on lab computers with the same seriousness as any virus outbreak.

"Snood" could be, quite possibly, the only excuse I would accept for a late student paper. (j/k) :)




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