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Had a delightful time cooking in Sally's kitchen yesterday, and drove home feeling thankful for many things...not the least of which was the amazing smell of the still-hot food in my car. (To view larger versions of the photos below, simply click on the small ones.)

This is a not-very-good picture of Sally & Eric's beautiful cobblestone house out in Marion, NY. It doesn't do the house credit...I took it when it was already getting dark, through my car window, so it's dark and blurry. :-( But it is a lovely house. I arrived late, mostly because I'm an idiot. First, I went to an unfamiliar grocery store to buy my supplies, thinking that since it was on the way, it would save time. (Ha! Took me 20 minutes to find the pecans...) Then, as I cruised down I-90 singing to the oldies station, I blew right past the exit, and had to keep going in order to turn around. But I got there.

As noted previously, I had three items on my cooking agenda...the fabulous sweet potato & turnip gratin from Epicurious that we first tried last year, a classic pecan pie, and a maple pecan pumpkin pie. All turned out beautifully.

The gratin is described by the recipe author like this: "The cream and butter make this so delicious your guests will lie in bed and remember it happily all year long. You only serve this kind of dish once in a very long while, so the caloric intake is moderated." Words cannot describe how fabulous this is. Even confirmed turnip-haters like myself cannot resist it. (Really, what wouldn't taste good after being baked for 90 minutes in heavy cream, butter, and imported parmesan?) This is the finished product moments after it came out of the oven.

I decided against the epicurious recipe for the pecan pie, opting instead for the recipe on the Karo syrup bottle. The epicurious recipe had chopped pecans in the filling, and whole ones on top. The Karo recipe called for 1-1/2 cups of whole pecans in the filling--since it's the pecans I love, I decided to go this route and have the pie be mostly pecans with sugar and fat to bind them together. The picture shows the completed pecan pie, with the uncooked pumpkin pie ready to go in the oven. The pumpkin pie has maple flavoring and chopped pecans in it; tomorrow before dinner I'll top it with maple-flavored whipped cream and whole pecans.


Looking at that food makes me wish we had Thanksgiving over here! And it makes me long for a digital camera - love the photos! Gives all this extra - um, immediacy, how strange, to the blog. Happy Thanksgiving!

There it is... that Pecan Pie... I know een with the recipe it cannot be duplicated. Thanks for the Pumpkin link, my wife will be in heaven...

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