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balcony.jpg It finally occurred to me that there had to be a relatively easy way to add a photo to a MT entry, or Joi wouldn't be doing it so often. :-) So I actually rtfm. Here's my first attempt. Since I don't generally dine with personalities as well-known as Joi gets to list, I decided to provide a photo of the VIPs who most often grace my dinner table--and who keep me most firmly grounded in the real world. On the left is my six-year-old, Alex; on the right is my eight-year-old, Lane. This was taken at our cousin's condo in Navarre Beach, Florida, sometime in July. They're holding up their (at that moment) most prized possessions, items purchased in the gift shop at LAX.

This was our first day in Florida after being in LA, so they got to dump Pacific Coast sand out of their pockets into the Gulf waters. Quite the frequent travellers they were this summer. Rochester to Atlanta to Birmingham to Atlanta to LAX to Camarillo to LAX to Atlanta to Florida to Birmingham and finally back home. In three weeks. Never again. (I have never been as thankful for the existence of gameboys as I was during those three weeks.)

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Cool Liz. I think photos really make blogs much more fun. (Or I wouldn't be doing it so often...) Thanks for the picture!




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