one reason to be glad I don't live in Alabama anymore

From today's NYTimes article on the disputed vote totals in the Alabama governor's race:

Late Tuesday, election officials in Baldwin County distributed figures that showed Siegelman with 19,070 votes, enough to give him the victory in the unofficial statewide count.

But on Wednesday, the county certified results that gave Siegelman 12,736 votes while leaving Riley's numbers unchanged. That erased the governor's thin margin in the statewide count and put the GOP congressman ahead by 3,195 votes out of 1.3 million cast.

Probate Judge Adrian Johns blamed a software glitch for the earlier figures.


The unofficial count showed Riley with 670,913 votes statewide, or 49 percent, Siegelman with 667,718 votes, or 49 percent, and Libertarian John Sophocleus with 23,242 votes, or 2 percent.

Both major-party politicians declared victory and acted as if they were governor-elect, with Siegelman talking to legislators about a special session and Riley appointing a chairman for his transition team.




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