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This summer, all the Lawleys are taking vacations, but not all of us are vacationing together. We decided to let people decide on their own what they wanted to do and where they wanted to go. So, Lane's off to San Francisco to spend a couple of weeks "apprenticing" with our friend Eric. Gerald will spend a couple of a weeks in Alabama with his family. And Alex and I will set out on a 2-3 week roadtrip from Rochester to Roswell and points in between. We're using Road Trip USA to map our trip (and we bought the book, too), so that we can find all the best small town, back road attractions, oddities, and lodgings. I'm super excited about the trip! Below is our tentative route plan, which is subject to change.

Oh, and if you live along this route, don't be surprised if you hear from me next week asking about our spending a night with you along the way :)

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You're in my backyard near Joplin so just let me know and if I'm here you all are more than welcome to stay. Safe travels, Liz.

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