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Glee returned to the air tonight, kicking off with an amazing rendition of The Doors' "Hello, I Love You," and ending with as an astonishingly amazing version of Madonna's Vogue video starring Sue Sylvester (played by Jane Lynch).

My 13yo son was appalled by the show, claiming that the use of these songs sullied them, and that his friends would end up knowing the songs because of these renditions rather than the pristine original versions.

Me, I was delighted. The first song, in particular, brought back vivid memories of my first two years in college. I still remember my beautiful friend and sophomore roommate Alisa, who each time we entered a bar in Ann Arbor was bombarded by men wanting to know her name. And, of course, as her loyal companion, I had to field at least half of those "I love (her), won't you tell me (her) name" requests.

I'm in a very different mental place now. I'm happy with myself, happy with my weight, happily (still) in love. I can listen to these songs without resentment. I can appreciate how I perceive them differently now. And even more, I can appreciate how well they've survived the intervening decades.

Yes, my 13yo son loves the originals. And the originals will endure, continuing to seduce him and others who follow. That doesn't change the fact that they can be covered, adapted, re-interpreted...without doing damage to those amazing originals. And I suspect that 30 years from now, he'll be just as appreciative of those adaptations as I am right now.

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