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We did it!

On Saturday night at midnight, the countdown clock hit 0 and the guests headed home from a wonderful four hour celebration of our game.

All in all, the game was more successful than we'd hoped for.

Over the next few weeks we'll be crunching data and sifting through photos and forum posts and coming up with both a numeric and a qualitative assessment of how the game went--the good, the bad, and the "let's not talk about that ever again."

Many, many thanks to all my partners in crime on this project, especially Traci Bauer, the D&C's managing editor and my co-lead on the game. The team that put this all together was amazing, and that we did it on a budget of next-to-nothing is even more astounding.

Speaking of which, a BIG shoutout to Bing for helping fund the development, to SCVNGR for giving us a great deal on their platform for the seven weeks of the game, to ""Kodak":http://kodak.com/":http://amazon.com/o/asin/B002HOPUPC/internettraining/ for providing the awesome prizes (including twelve of the amazin Zi8 video cameras, which are way nicer than my Flip Minio), and to the Marie C and Joseph C Wilson Foundation for providing the grant to fund the donations that went to the three faction's charities. I can't begin to tell you all how grateful I am for your support.

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Heard about Picture The Impossible on TWiG. What a beautiful idea and great result; well done all around! I'm quite curious what will come next.

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