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Back in February, Joi Ito posted about a book entitled Daemon that had been recommended to him by Stewart Brand. It sounded interesting, and I made a mental note of it. Then in May I ordered it for my summer reading pile.

Once it arrived, Gerald started reading it, and later Lane started reading it, and it migrated out of my sight for quite a while. When I was packing for the trip to Alabama last week, I grabbed it and stuck it in my bag--and Saturday I finally started it. Then on Sunday I stayed up until 2am to finish it!

It was awesome. Seldom do contemporary writers combine engaging narrative and plot with genuinely knowledgeable representations of technology, but this one really does. It's a must-read for anyone who's interested in gaming, security, AI, distributed systems, or just good fiction.

Unfortunately, you can't buy it right now. The book was apparently self-published to begin with, under the pseudonym Leinad Zeraus (which is the real name of the author, Daniel Suarez, spelled backwards). After it became popular (and with Stewart Brand and Joi Ito recommending it, that was inevitable), Penguin Books' imprint Dutton purchased the rights, and they're re-releasing it in hardcover in January. Go pre-order it now! Really! It is a wonderful book. (I'd tell you to get the older edition from the library, but according to WorldCat only fifteen libraries in the entire US have it in their collections. Sad.)

In the interim, our pseudonymous paper back version seems to have shot up in value--used copies are going for $80 and up! I'm not selling, though. We'll keep this one in the permanent lending library.

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