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I apologize to readers of this blog who wish I'd get off the topic of politics. But we're 33 days away from deciding whether or not to put Sarah Palin one (72-year-old) heartbeat away from the presidency. Every person who plans to vote in this year's presidential election should watch this video of Katie Couric interviewing the two vice presidential candidates.

That is painful to watch. Painful. She cannot name one other supreme court case besides Roe v. Wade. Not one.

What about, say, Miranda v Arizona, since she was so contemptuous of the concept of reading accused terrorists their rights in her scripted acceptance speech?

Or New York Times v Sullivan, since it prevents her from suing the mean-ol' mainstream media that keeps picking on her?

Or, from today's headlines, the decision not to reconsider the death penalty for child rape cases?

THIS WOMAN COULD BE PICKING NEW SUPREME COURT JUSTICES IN JANUARY. That should scare the CRAP out of every single person in this country.


Not to mention the Exxon Valdez Supreme Court case which she was JUST involved in.

She should also know New York Times v. Sullivan and all these other cases because she majored in communications-journalism and political science at the University of Idaho.

Any sane person that watches her interview with Katie Couric will find their eyes wide and mouths agape at the sheer ineptitude of her political knowledge.

I'm with Brendyn, how do you pass a media law class and not be able to come up with any cases (let alone, understand the idea of the penumbra protection for privacy)?

Oh, and how about the biggies, at least to throw names out there: say Dred Scott, Brown v. BOE, for example.

But all of these are moot--as are the examples you provide--since the question was whether she disagreed with any of these decisions. I would expect she might come up with: Texas v. Johnson, Lawrence, or Kelo v. City of New London, since these seem to be the sorts of things conservatives rail against (and I'm not happy with one of those).

Now, to be honest, I wouldn't expect most of my undergrads to come up with a list of SC cases they take issue with, but then, they aren't a month away from being an alternate for the leader of the free world and the primary defender of the constitution.

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