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Four years ago, Elouise and I hosted an election night party at RIT, in the big IT conference room overlooking the atrium. We had decent turnout (though a less decent election result). I've noticed quite a few Google searches on "election night party" that have led people to my blog recently, which is why I wasn't completely confused when I got a call today from someone from a public radio talk show wanting to ask about my upcoming party.

I'd been debating (no pun intended) whether or not to hold another one on campus this year, and that pushed me towards "yes." So on Monday they're going to interview me about the party, and on Tuesday night we'll be back in the conference room to watch the early results come in.

If you want to join us, you're more than welcome! Bring your leftover Halloween candy and something to drink (no alcohol, please...I'd prefer not to run afoul of campus safety), and we'll collect money and order pizza. We'll have streaming video on one projector, and (if I can figure out how to have different things on different screens) an IRC chat on the other (freenode.net, #ritparty - if you don't have an IRC client, the easiest thing is probably to go to Mibbit.com and use their web-based interface.

While my partisan leanings are clear to anyone who reads this blog, the party is not restricted to people who share those leanings. Red and blue (and purple and polka dot) are all welcome. I ask that if you attend, you be respectful of those who may not share your views--although that doesn't rule out a little end-zone-style celebrating if the results warrant it.

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