summer to fall transition time

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It's that time of year again. Faculty are slightly more visible in the hallways of my building. Emails and calendar invites from RIT addresses are starting to pick up. I've had to put my fall schedule into my Exchange calendar to coordinate committee meetings and upcoming travel. As Gerald put it the other day, when we had a blessedly cool morning after weeks of heat, "summer has broken." (And then I had Cat Stevens playing in my head all day, which was maddening.)

Today I got a message from one of our administrative staff reminding us that orientation for freshmen is only two weeks away. Eek!

So today I'm in the office. Elouise and I (and Lane) went to the gym this morning, and now Lane and I are in my office, where I'm actually starting to think about things like classes and the lab and such. Easing into it slowly, though, which is better than trying to cram it all in a week in advance.

Stay tuned soon for an announcement of the all new LSC website, with a beautiful design by my students. We had hoped to have a Drupal-driven version ready, but it turns out Drupal is insanely hard. (Any Drupal experts on campus want to make some money doing a few hours of tutoring?) So we'll launch the static version, and then work on getting it transferred to the super-cool-dynamic-flexible Drupal version asap.

And perhaps this means that my summer stupor is lifting, and I'll be blogging a bit more :)

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Hey Liz! Funny you'd post this. I sent an e-mail to your RIT address yesterday and, while I'm not impatiently expecting a reply so soon, I wanted to make sure you go it. Let me know!

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