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I gave a keynote this morning at the Minitex ILL Conference in St. Paul, and I've uploaded the powerpoint file to Slideshare. Unfortunately, Slideshare doesn't show transitions, so a number of the slides are messed up where I have multiple images that aren't supposed to be on the screen at the same time, but if you go to the Slideshare page for the presentation there's a link to download the original .ppt file.

(Since you can't hear my actual talk, I need to acknowledge that the "happiness" slides are shamelessly stolen from Jane McGonigal's recent talk on gaming and happiness. :)


Very interesting; I'd have loved to hear the talk to go along with it. I especially like the whole timeline idea; very cool to see where it's come from (ahh, nostalgia...) and what's emerging.

Hey mamamusings

Just checking you out from the other side of the word.
Very interesting blog - keep up the good work :-)

Zaga Bjælkehuse - Denmark

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