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This quarter there's a lot going on for me...I'm teaching yet another new class (not just new to me, but completely new, meaning I have to create it from scratch), we're about to roll out a brand new website for my lab as well as bring Julian Dibbell in as a speaker, I'm helping to recreate our departmental advisory board and run the spring meeting for it, Lane's being homeschooled as of last week, Weez and I are finally getting back to the gym on a regular basis, and the new dog requires an inordinate amount of attention and energy.

But rather than feeling overwhelmed, at the moment I'm feeling quite happy. Almost everything is going reasonably well, and I feel as though I'm functioning at a better and more engaged level than I have in a long time.

Some of it is that I've managed to find a solid cohort of talented and energetic colleagues--both in the game design & development program and in my lab--whose enthusiasm and competence help to motivate me. Some of it is that the days are getting longer, which always lifts my spirits and energy level. Some of it is probably because I took a real, honest-to-goodness vacation over spring break. But whatever the magical mix is, I'm happy to have it.

The downside of having so much engaging and motivating me is that I'm completely and totally exhausted. Mentally and physically. What with getting up with the dog before 7am on a regular basis and taking her for walks, lifting weights and doing cardio with Weez at the gym, and putting a significant amount of energy and thought into classes, the lab, and Lane's homeschooling...well, I'm definitely feeling like tomorrow needs to be a rest and recuperation day.

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I hope you blog about the homeschooling some time. My partner and I were just talking about it again today. (She was homeschooled after middle school, and it was a great experience that we hope to pass on to our own child.)

Enjoy your rest. Sounds like you've earned it.

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