oh noes! i missed my blogiversary!


Monday was my five-year blogiversary. Hard to believe it's been five years. Harder to believe how much my life has changed in those five years.

My blogging output has slowed a lot lately. I think in large part that's because my offline life is fuller and happier than it's been at other times. Also, my professional social network now has other ways to maintain and strengthen ties--not the least of which is Twitter, which I find provides me with much of the "what's happening with me and others" that I used to depend on blogs for.

I do want to start focusing on writing more thoughtful pieces, though. I've gotten intellectually lazy in some ways over the past year or two, and I miss engaging in discussion and debate of technology topics. I've completely neglected all of the group blogs I'm nominally a part of, too, and those are excellent spaces for that kind of engagement.

Over the next week I should have a reasonable amount of time to spend on thinking and writing, and I'll make it a priority to have some of that spill over into my blogspaces, in hopes that the next five years of blogging will be as productive personally and professionally as the first five years have been.


Yes, happy blogiversary! Your blogging pace may have slowed lately, but FWIW, you are still a role model (blog model?) for me, in your practice of radical transparency.

There was a recent relevant post on the topic of "In Praise of Slow Blogging" on Fringehog that you might find interesting: http://fringehog.com/verge/2007/10/25/in-praise-of-slow-blogging/

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