a perfect weekend

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Lighthouse Through Trees - Lime Kiln Point State Park On Saturday morning, Gerald and I dropped Lane off at Lili's house, and headed north to Anacortes, where we caught the 11am ferry to Friday Harbor. On our past trips, we've always parked and walked on to the ferry, but this time we decided to take our car--and I'm so glad we did.

After we checked in to our very nice room at Elements (an old motel that's been renovated into quite chic rooms, with lovely lighting, bedding, and shower fixtures) and took a nap, we got back in the car and did a full circuit of the island. We drove through Roche Harbor (which looked like your typical touristy town), and then stopped at English Camp National Historical Site, San Juan County Park (omg, so beautiful, I'm actually thinking that I might be willing to camp there, and I'm not really a camping out kind of a girl), Lime Kiln Point State Park, and then American Camp National Historical Site.

We ended the day with a lovely dinner at a restaurant by the marina, and a good night's sleep. In the morning, we had a leisurely breakfast at a local eatery, parked our car in the line for the 1pm ferry, and then went to my favorite bookstore in the whole world, Serendipity Books, where I got three novels I've been wanting to read, Gerald got a great bok on birding in the San Juan islands, and we found a gorgeous book of photos of Alaska, to whet our appetite for the cruise we're taking in August.

I took photos all along the way, including up-close-and-personal shots of a fox and some young bucks who allowed us to pull up next to them on the road. I pined for a telephoto lens, though, for shots of the further-off wildlife. That will definitely be my next big-ticket purchase.

All in all, it was perfect weekend...capped off by my WoW guild finally downing all of the bosses in Shadow Labyrinth, something we've been trying to do for month.

Tonight I'll go to bed tired and happy.

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