macbook pro network problems?


I'm trying to figure out if the problem I'm currently experiencing is a function of my cable modem, my macbook pro, or neither.

When I first go online with my new cable modem and my mbp (whether I'm directly connected via an ethernet cable or using an airport express for wifi), the speeds are fine. But if I'm on for more than an hour, the speeds gradually begin to slow down. It's most obvious if I'm playing WoW, since it gives me latency in milliseconds, and I can see it creep up. But it's also causing all other net-related apps to slow, and traceroutes are sluggish.

If I reboot the mbp, everything goes back to normal again, and speeds are fine.

A couple of technical people have told me that "there's no way" the mbp could be causing the network slowdown, but the fact that I can consistently repeat the process of rebooting the machine and having the network speeds immediately improve seems awfully suspicious.

Any suggestions as to what could be causing the problem, or what utilities I could use to better diagnose it?

I am planning on taking the mbp in to the Apple Store this weekend because there are other annoying things (the frequent wifi connection problems I mentioned a few weeks ago, a loud whirring noise from either the fan or the hard drive, problems with the screen not coming back after sleep, etc). But the more specific I can be when telling them what's wrong, the more likely it is that they might actually fix it :)


Liz, I'm having *exactly* the same problem with my MBP and cable modem. It has been driving me crazy. It started happening a few weeks ago. Maybe something in a recent OS update?

Resetting DHCP also creates a temporary speedup, by the way, but only temporary. And it appears to be only the cable modem -- on Ethernet connections or WiFi tied back to Ethernet, I don't have the same experience.

I took it in to the Apple Store Genius Bar, and they said, "We can't help with your network connection." Maybe you'll have more luck.

I think that this is a universal problem with mbps. I have had the same problem since I got mine. Connecting to the university's wifi is basically impossible and usually pretty sketchy at home.

The uni IT folks say that this is definitely a mbp issue.

Sorry to bogart a comment, Liz, but I've been sending email to your RIT address about the July Gaming and Libraries Symposium. I have a bad feeling you haven't been receiving it. Can you please email me at, IM me on AIM at cybrarygal, or call me at (312) 280-2461? Thanks!

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