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A couple of months ago, I got a call from a producer of the Toronto-based public TV show The Agenda, asking me to be on a panel of people addressing the topic of "people who live their lives online." After some discussion, I decided they sounded like good folks, and I agreed to do the show--which was done with an uplink from our local public television station.

It's very strange doing an uplink for a live show--I was at a desk in a studio by myself, with an earpiece so I could hear the people in the Toronto studio. Instead of looking at the people I was talking to, I was looking at a piece of notebook paper with a smiley face drawn on it, taped to the camera in the studio. The disembodied voices would talk in my ear, and I'd respond. To be honest, I've been afraid to watch the online version of the show after the fact, so I have no idea how well it all meshed together. The level of discourse was pretty high, so I suspect that it came out fine--overall, it was way above the level of insight and quality that I've come to expect from most media coverage of Internet phenomenon.

(At a conference the following month, I mentioned the appearance to some Canadian friends, who confirmed that the show is very well-regarded in Canada.)

Yesterday I got a call from the same producer, asking me to be on the show again tonight--the topic is "The End of Web Anonymity." I agreed, so after class today I'll head back to the WXXI studio for another uplink appearance. So if you're in the TVO viewing area, you can see me live at 8pm tonight. If you're not, but want to watch the show, they put them up online a few days after the show airs.


Update: Much to my surprise and delight, I was joined on the show by two women I know and love--danah boyd, and Annalee Newitz. (Also on the panel were Toronto journalist Jesse Hirsh and Justin Kan of justin.tv.)

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I'll try to check that out. Our news programs tend to be almost ridiculously serious up here.

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