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No, I haven't abandoned my blog. But I have been miserably, terribly ill with either the flu or a particularly nasty cold. Sore throat, fever, chills, nasal and chest congestion, the works. Alex and Gerald had it first, Lane and I are now trying to rid ourselves of it. Our kitchen counter looks like a pharmacy, and we've filled all our garbage cans with kleenex.

I spent my birthday in bed, instead of on an airplane to DC where I was supposed to give a conference keynote. That means that not only did I have a spectacularly miserable birthday, I also lost the income associated with the talk--making this the most expensive virus I've ever had.

Now that I'm starting to almost feel healthy, I'm in panicked catch-up mode on grading, because my students need midterm grades today.

With luck, regular blogging may resume next week.


I told you I'd help with the grading woman :) -- I'm here if you need me. You somehow got midterm grades all done though by last night (I saw the class email) -- rock on! :)

Hey, I could help too! I could at least pre-read.

hope you feel better soon, Liz!

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