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As I alluded to in a previous post, I arrived quite late last night--checking into the hotel after midnight MST (past 2am my time). It took a while to fall asleep (always does in a new bed), and I woke to blinding sunshine through the windows and screeching toddlers next door (the walls might have blocked the sound, but the connecting door was less effective).

I was fine until about 3pm MST, when I could feel the energy start to drain out of me...thus the lack of afternoon live blogging. I probably shouldn't have had that glass of wine at the cocktail hour, and now I'm barely holding on to functionality--with a 6pm keynote I wanted to hear and a 7:30 dinner appointment still ahead. /sigh.

I'll catch up on sleep tonight, I think, and plan on joining the conference midday rather than bright and early.

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