five things you may not know about me


Joe McCarthy tagged me with the "five things you don't know about me" meme, which I thought I'd safely avoided. :)

The problem, of course, is that depending on who "you" are, there are different things that "you" may or may not know about me. None of this is likely to be a surprise to my mother or my husband, for example. So I guess I'm really writing this for the people who know me mostly through my blog...

  1. I hate green vegetables. I never outgrew this aspect of picky eating. I eat a wide variety of meat, fish, dairy, grains, and fruit. I eat a wide range of cuisines. But I don't eat green vegetables (unless there's absolutely, positively, no way to avoid them without being rude). No salad. No vegetable soup. There are a few exceptions to this--Linda Stone made it her personal mission to change this while I lived in Seattle, and she pulled it off by roasting asparagus and thin-sliced zucchini. I actually enjoyed those, but not enough to add them to a regular rotation. I do eat potatoes and corn, and in the world of green foods I do like Jalapeno peppers and pesto.
  2. I lived in Malta when I was 13. My father, a political scientist, took a sabbatical leave to study the electoral system in Malta, and we all went with him. Thirteen, in case you don't know, is not an age that takes well to change, and I was not at all happy to leave my friends behind for an isolated Mediterranean island. There was no internet back then, and international phone calls were outrageously expensive, so I was cut off from my friends the whole time we were there. Since the only schools on the island that used English were the Catholic schools, I have the distinction of being one of the few Jews I've ever met who can say a Hail Mary or recite the Lord's Prayer in milliseconds (we had to say one or the other of these each time a nun entered the classroom). After a few months of Catholic School I threw one of the few tantrums of my life, which resulted in my leaving the school and getting a tutor for math (the only subject where I wasn't already ahead of grade level). In an amusing twist, one of the members of my World of Warcraft guild is Maltese, and knows quite a few young women who attended that same Academy of the Sacred Heart!
  3. I met Gerald, my husband, on FidoNet--which gives me Old Skool geek credentials far surpassing that of most current Internet users. The specific "echo" we were on was the New Age echo, which will baffle most people who know us, as neither of us is exactly a stereotypical New Ager. When I asked him early on what on earth he was doing on that Echo, his answer was "Waiting for you." 'Nuff said.
  4. I didn't change my name the first time I married, but I did the second time--mostly because there really is a Lawley, Alabama, and it really is named after Gerald's ancestors. His mom lives just over the border from Lawley, in Randolph. I loved the idea that my kids would be able to point to a place on the map that was named after their family, since so few people in the US have that kind of deep connection to place.
  5. In high school, I was a member of the Pantherettes--a dance/pom-pom squad that performed at football games. Senior year I was co-captain of the squad, and the other co-captain's mother was our coach...which create somewhat of a power imbalance. After a few months of being completely ignored or overridden on all decisions, I finally lost my temper with the whole group, hurled obscenities at them as I left the gym, and went home and burned every single one of the hundreds of stupid white tissue paper flowers that I'd been making for our homecoming float. I look back on that as one of my finer adolescent moments.

So there you have it. Five things you may not have known about me, complete with colorful details.

And....Weez! Kathleen! Dorothea! Jenny! Adam I choose you! ( carry on the meme, natch)


Well, I knew about the green veggies and your meeting Gerald, and although I've never visited Malta, it was interesting to learn that we have a Catholic School connection ... and co-captain of the dance/pom-pom squad (?!) -- that one sure caught me by surprise. Thanks for sharing!!

FidoNet. That is old school, indeed. And quite geeky. Kudos.

I see that I was not alone in being surprised by the Pantherettes bit. Of course, high school is high school. People are regularly surprised to learn that I played high school football.

Liz, you rock. The pom-pom memory is great -- yay for hormonal tantrums! :)

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