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When the weather gets colder, my thoughts tend to turn to my stash of yarn. I love doing crochet projects in cold weather--particularly afghans, which keep my lap warm while I work!

I've finished three afghans this fall already--two for baby gifts, and one whose destination cannot yet be revealed on the blog. I've also started making long, thin, super-soft scarves--one for me, one for Erin, one for Alex, and yarn-a-plenty for making more for gifts. They only take about an hour, so they're a great TV-watching activity.

With a two week break ahead of me, I'm starting to think about more ambitious crafting projects. I think Alex and I will be getting some ceramic paint this week to do custom mugs (we did this years ago when the boys were really little, and the mugs turned out beautifully). I need to figure out where to buy the cheapest possible "blank" mugs to work with.

And I'm also about to order a bunch of these metal tins, which are the perfect size for Moo MiniCards. I'm going to place a new order of cards to use as gifts, and I want to decorate the tops of the tins using some kind of decoupage technique

I've also fallen in love with the Etsy web site, where I've found some wonderful, unique items to give as gifts to some of the people I know who are most impossible to shop for--and gotten some great ideas for things I'd like to make myself, too.

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