Tree Damage at my Dad's House

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Tree Damage at my Dad's House
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We went to Buffalo this morning to help my dad get his car out of his garage. A neighbor had cleared his driveway, but without any power he couldn't get his garage door open.

What we saw when we pulled into the neighborhood was horrifying. It looked as though a tornado had ripped its way down the street. Hundreds of trees ripped apart, branches strewn everywhere. Since the neighborhood has above-ground phone and power lines, the branches pulled them all down. Even with the hundreds of additional crews and trucks that are pouring into town to help, I can't believe they'll have power in that area in the next few days.

My dad's on his way to Rochester, where there are hotels with power and hot water, where he'll stay until they do get the power going.

But even then, the cleanup will be a formidable task. Already neighbors were out clearing roadways and using chainsaws to cut up the thousands of branches. I'm afraid that many of the beautiful old maples, birches, and willows in the neighborhood will have to be cut down--with the number of branches they've lost, I don't see how they'll survive.

On the "count your blessings" side, the branches all fell straight down (it was the weight of the snow on the fully-leaved branches that broke them), so there was no glass damage. And nobody we know actually suffered any bodily harm.

Still, this is where I grew up, and it's painful to see it so damaged. :(

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I was out at my dad's earlier yesterday, and I'll be posting up some photos as well. I wasn't here in Rochester in 91, but I'm sure many are recalling that event as they survey friends and relatives houses in Buffalo.

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