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I've moved all of my sites but bwoa.net off of their hosting. It's just become a pain and I was offered free hosting by a friend, so I've moved. Sorry to hear you lost the data, though. Weekly back-ups is definitely not industry standard.

What is Bloglines and how does that work?

Elsis : Bloglines is a web-based news aggregator. See http://www.bloglines.com.

What bothered me about it -- though I think we had different server crashes on different days -- wasn't the loss of data, because I have a daily backup. It's the total lack of keeping their clients informed. They have a forum with a link to the status of each server -- it took them hours to update it, and it's not been updated since them. There was no email sent, certainly. And my help tickets get poor response -- hours and hours before I get some generic response. At this point I cannot ftp in, or access cpanel, so I can't fix anything on my own (or make more backups).

And, of course, their "live support" has been offline since this happened, so I cannot get any speedier resolutions.

Their reliability is usually good. Their tech support sucks.

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