community theatre in rochester?


Last year, my 12-year-old took an improvisational acting class that he loved. I'd love for him to stay involved in acting now that we're back in Rochester, and my stepdaughter has also been asking about community theatre options in the area. I did a little Google searching without any compelling results, and then it occurred to me that this would be a good time to tap the hive brain of my readers.

So...anybody know of good acting classes for kids here in Rochester? And/or community theatre programs that would welcome actors of all ages?

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Hey elizabeth,

Isnt the web something, I made it over here on your blog after seeing your Microsoft Badge on Flickr and well as I'm a Windows Live Butterfly Expert and Tech Blogger/Beta Tester posting about Windows Live and MSN for both my blog and I thought I might as well say hi! :)

So yep Hi there hope everythings ace! :) just been reading up on what you do, sounds like you have fun.

Anyhow as for a community theatre in rochester, I'm, not sure about one well one in rochester NY, see I live in the UK and dont live to far from the rochester here in the UK, hehe!

Ok better dash, feel free to contact me anytime.



Let me try to point you in the right direction. The Arts & Cultural Council for Greater Rochester has a number of community theater groups among its membership:

I would suspect that RAPA (Rochester Association of Performing Arts) could be the way to go.

Best of luck.


This may sound like self promoting (trust me it's not, she doesn't do it for the money) by my wife just started teaching youth theater at the RAPA ( ) and she's VERY good with youths. I highly recommend you check them out. Rapa is on Main St just north of downtown across from the Delta Sonic. Their prices are very reasonable.

Currently she's teaching classes on Saturday morning which just started last week (but you can still join in). The teen class is at noon or 1pm.

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