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Not very long ago, I was invited by one of the MS Word product groups to join a discussion about blog posting functionality in the Office 12 version of Word. It was a lively and interesting meeting, and I came away cautiously optimistic about their plans.

Now that I'm running v2 of the Office 12 beta, I'm able to test the posting functionality. Setup was surprisingly smooth--it offers wizard-like options for the main hosting services (Blogger, TypePad, Spaces, etc), but also supports the MetaWeblog API, so I was able to quickly and easily input the information for my Movable Type blog.

All in all, I'm very favorably impressed with what they've done. Now I hope the Mac team implements something similar in their next release!


I'm sure it's a nice feature, but at the moment it's screwing up your apostrophes. I get garbage characters in both IE and Firefox on Windows here at work.

The weird thing is it looks fine on the front page, but not the comments page. Bloglines picked it up ok too.

I assume this would also work with my software of choice, WordPress?

Did you try subscribing to the resulting feed and looking at it in various feed readers? That's the part I've been somewhat worried about.

Apparently in the beta version, they're not fixing the smart quotes and hyphenation issue--that's what caused the funky characters. (I'm not sure why my main page didn't choke on them, but my individual archives did.) I've fixed that by hand for right now, but my understanding is that will be corrected in the final version.

Ted, yes, it will work with WordPress, assuming WordPress uses the MetaWeblog API standard (which I'm fairly certain it does).

Hmmm. For some reason, my textile/smartpants combo is working on the non-dynamic pages (like my main index), but not on the dynamic pages (like this one). Will look into that when I've got a little more time.

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