random scenes from my week


Scene: Lawley Living Room

Lane: Was Michelangelo's name "Michael Angelo," or was it all one name?
Me: All one name.
Lane: (after a pause) Cool. I think I'd like to change my name to "Bobjimmy"


Scene: Rosenblum/Lawley Family Seder

Me: We're thinking about a trip out to Ellensburg (WA) next month.
My Aunt: Why's that?
Me: I have a friend there who directs the Chimpanzee and Human Communication Institute, and we wanted to boys to meet him and attend one of their "chimposiums."
My Aunt: (clearly interested now) Who's your friend?
Me: Roger Fouts
My Aunt: Really?!? How do you know him?
Me: (awkward pause, while I figure out how to say this in a way that doesn't sound too weird, and fail) We met in a video game.


Scene: IM with a friend

Me: [long story about frustrating negotations surrounding my return (or not) to RIT]
Her: That's ridiculous. They should absolutely give you more money.
Her: And a lower teaching load.
Her: And...and...a PONY!!!


And a pony? Faculty compensation is an interesting topic indeed! Truely though I laughed out loud at that one. I'm glad I was alone at the time.

The only consolation is that Roger Fouts was playing the video game too :) So rather than becoming something to single you out for, its just the latest fashionable eccentricity ;)

Glad you liked that one. :)

If you want, I can also send a string of inventive invectives using much abusive alliteration for targets of your choosing.

Roger Fouts is an excellent teacher, and the work fascinating. There used to be a burger place where all the students hung out. Excellent burgers. No idea if it's still open.

I'll make you a pony in PHP or C# or something. Come back! ;)

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