frustrating conference day

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First I ended up in the wrong session this morning. Then I got stuck waiting forever for the shuttle from the Century Plaza (I got put in the "overflow" hotel) to the Hilton, and by the time I arrived the afternoon session on Educational Philanthropy (with Andre Agassi as a panelist!) was already full, so I'm stuck out here in the lobby.

On the plus side, at lunchtime I stopped by Macy's, and found a lovely suit on sale, so I'll be wearing it tomorrow in order to blend in better with the natives. I also acquired a USB cable to charge my phone with--I forgot to bring a charger with me, and the phone was nearly dead.

Agassi and Lance Armstrong are speaking this afternoon, in a larger room (which I'll get to early, thankyouverymuch), although it's on a health topic rather than education. (Diana Nyad is moderating their conversation; quite an all-star lineup!)

I'm debating whether or not to attend the dinner event tonight. The topic is "the future of space," and that's not something I have a burning interest in. But the introductory remarks are by Leonard Nimoy, and that's oh-so-tempting. My guess is his remarks will be short, however, and then there will be two hours of dinner conversation with people I don't know. My inner introvert is lobbying hard for a food court dinner at the mall followed by an early night in the hotel.

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