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It's not like I don't have enough on my plate these days. Despite that, I've been made an offer I couldn't refuse--to join the august list of contributors on TerraNova, the world-class blog on virtual worlds and gaming.

When my colleague Andy Phelps started working on a game design and development program at RIT several years ago, I said I had no interest in being involved. "Games really aren't my thing," I said. And from a professional standpoint, that was mostly true. From a personal standpoint, it wasn't true at all. I've always loved computer and video games--from Hunt the Wumpus and Zork in high school through Pikmin and Katmari and World of Warcraft today.

As games have become more social and less solitary, however, they've forced my personal and professional interests into a point of intersection. And I can't pretend any longer that I'm not interested in studying the social aspects of gaming and game development. So the invitation from TerraNova came at a perfect time.

I can't begin to say how honored and delighted I am that they're willing to welcome me--a relative neophyte in this field of study--into their ranks. And I'll do what I can to carve out the time to post there on at least an occasional basis. I'm rather hoping that this will help me to get my blogging groove back, since I've not been posting much lately to any of the group blogs I'm associated with.

At any rate, my introduction and inaugural post are up and ready for your perusal.

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