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It feels very strange to be back in Rochester, but not in our house--particularly when I drive past "our house" to drop the kids off and see our tenants' cars in the driveway, and unfamiliar faces through the windows. It's quite unsettling.

Other than that, being back in Rochester has been great. This morning I took the kids to the RIT campus to hear Larry Lessig give a talk on free culture. The talk was spectacular. I think Lane understood and appreciated most of it, but Alex found it less engaging. (They both quite enjoyed this video that was included in the presentation--as did I!) Still, I'm glad they both went--even if only a little of it got through, it was worth it. (I also had the pleasure of joining Larry and some RIT colleagues for dinner last night, which was lovely.)

[If you've never had the privilege of seeing Professor Lessig speak on free culture, I was able to find a link to this similar talk that he gave in Helsinki last year. I encourage you to watch it.]

Tonight the boys are sleeping at friends' houses, soaking up all the time with their buddies that they possibly can. So I get to relax at my mother's house, where it's blissfully quiet. Got some work done, got some gaming done, and now I'm off to bed.

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Argh, Lessig was in Rochester and no one told me? How did that happen? Fooie.

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