hit by lightning - literally!


We got a call this morning from the family that's leasing our house in Rochester while we're on sabbatical--apparently the chimney of the house was struck by lightning this morning! There are bricks littering the lawn, and the ones that fell down the chimney caused soot to spew out into the family room, setting off smoke alarms and generally causing chaos.

The good news? Our insurance company is Amica. One phone call was all it took. The Amica rep immediately confirmed we were covered, said someone would be out within hours to take a look at the damage and start arranging for any short-term preventive work necessary to keep things from collapsing further, as well as to figure out what kinds of repairs and cleanup would be necessary. We've got a $500 deductible, but after that all the reconstruction and cleanup will be covered in full. Such a relief.


I'll drive by your hosue tomorrow! Yesterday I was hit by hailstones as big as marbles, but nothing worse than that.

Can't resist the comparison of what lightning did to your chimney to what Web 2.0 is doing to Microsoft. Is that a fair comparison (now that your in the belly of the beast)?

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