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Via Weez, a silly meme. Type "yourname needs" into Google, and list the resulting suggestions. (I skipped other people's compilation of the same phrase, which turned up quite a bit in my results.)

  1. Liz needs catchy slogan
  2. liz needs to be laundered
  3. Liz needs help, but she doesn't want to involve the police.
  4. LIZ needs teeth
  5. Liz needs more coffee
  6. Liz needs to increase her food uptake to at least 2000 calories a day.
  7. Liz needs to get that one frame from out of her old animated gif avatar
  8. Liz needs real love to keep going
  9. Liz needs to take on some projects before Mike starts to nag
  10. Liz needs the rest of us

Here's the same thing run through MSN Search, again discarding the other meme posts:

  1. Liz needs some alone time.
  2. Liz needs compensation
  3. Liz needs to get a reality check
  4. SOMEONE named liz! needs a life
  5. Liz needs to devise a budget and stick to it
  6. Liz needs my help again
  7. all Liz needs is your full name and your date of birth
  8. LIZ needs to recruit members
  9. Liz needs to increase her food uptake to at least 2,000 calories a day
  10. Liz needs paying

Only one in common between the two! How 'bout Yahoo?

  1. Liz needs our prayers everyone!!!
  2. Liz needs to seek counseling for her aggressiveness
  4. Liz needs to calm down
  6. Liz needs to remember
  7. Liz needs to write a book on what a woman does to get such jewels
  8. Liz needs to increase the dividend
  9. Liz needs to be visible and she is
  10. Liz needs this birthday party

Fun. :)

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That's a poem.

Liz needs to calm down

Yuppers :D

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