mamamusings: September 9, 2005

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Friday, 9 September 2005

a must-read malcolm gladwell essay

In a recent New Yorker. On health care.


Please read it.

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introducing cecil

Meet the newest addition to the Lawley household:

Photo of Cecil, our new pet hedgehog

This is Cecil, an African pygmy hedgehog. The photo of him is from the website of the store where we purchased him, but once he gets more settled in at our house, we’ll be putting lots of photos of him up on my Flickr account.

He’s adorable. And no, he’s not uncomfortable to hold. He’s quite friendly and inquisitive once you scoop him up.

For more information on hedgehogs as pets, take a look at the excellent Hedgehog Central site. And if you’re looking to buy a pet hedgehog in the Seattle area, Animal Talk seems a good place to do so.

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Liz sipping melange at Cafe Central in Vienna