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Our new view!
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We left our Rochester home at lunchtime, and arrived in our Bellevue home at 8:30 local time...which was nearly midnight in Rochester.

The weather was perfect for flying, and we were on the left side of the plane--which meant Alex got a lovely view of Mt. Rainier coming in.

We picked up an SUV at the airport (thank you, Microsoft!), and I managed to find my way to the key pickup spot in Redmond, and then to the apartment in Bellevue (with a brief stop along the way for matching strawberry frappuccinos). We were exhausted by the time we got in, but when we opened the door we were greeted by this spectacular view. Wow.

On the down side, both of us seem to be having allergic reactions to the carpet cleaning chemicals they used here, the apartment is *really* small (no more than 1000sf, tops, with double beds in each of the two bedrooms, and a very tiny living room), and we seem not to have packed any of Alex's underwear or socks.

All things considered, those are pretty manageable problems. And hey...I found an open wifi network, so that makes everything look a little bit rosier.

And now, to bed.


Glad you made it! The view looks great. Sorry about the smell. I hope you manage to find a Wal-Mart today, or else you might be worried about a different smell from Alex soon....


I'm glad you made it in safely! The place looks gorgeous, although it sounds as if you're living in an apartment like the University Commons apartments on campus... The rooms were tiny and yet they still put double beds in them.

Don't worry, I haven't been slacking off. :-)

Ha ha Liz! Love the comment @ the socks and underwear:) I'm sure I MUST have a pair of Lane or Alex's socks around here somewhere...I'll save them for ya.

Welcome to the west coast, Liz! You're not alone -- I've just about doubled my underwear wardrobe based solely on out-of-town purchases. And allergy-releif eyedrops have been a lifesaver in a few hotel rooms. You'll be settled in before you know it.

The underwear crisis was solved by Weez, who emailed me to tell me which hidden pocket of the suitcase to look in (she helped us pack). And the chemical smell has dissipated. The fridge is stocked with our favorite foods, and we're starting to shift our time clocks.

The apartment is still pretty small, even for just the two of us, but I'm thinking about it as an enormous hotel room rather than a small apartment, and that makes it feel much more spacious.

All in all, life is good.

Congrats and welcome to the Northwest! I'm glad to hear the underwear crisis was solved. Hope to see you sometime this summer. :-)

Glad the move went well! Can't wait for pics. :)

Hi Liz!

WOW! I lurk for awhile and look who moves into the neighborhood! Welcome home :-)

We'd love to get together with you, whenever you have time. Brendan started jumping up and down at the thought of another list buddy in the area (And a BOY, Mom...Woohoo!)

We live in Bothell, just north of Kenmore (minutes away), but Bellevue is close enough. Let us know...maybe lunch?

Liz 425-485-1481

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