*&^%$ server


I wrote my response to the book meme last night, and tried to post it with ecto. I got an error saying that the server had killed the connection, so I tried again. Same thing. Upgraded ecto. Still the same thing. Copied and pasted the entry into the web interface and tried again--nothing happened. So I tried again. And again. Finally I gave up and went to bed.

This morning I finally upgraded my MT from 3.15 to 3.17 (a serious pain in the ass because I don't have shell access on my new host, so each upgrade directory or file has to be copied in individually using the web interface). Tried again. Seemed like nothing happened, so I gave up.

A few minutes ago Gerald came downstairs and said "However many times you tried to post that entry last night...they all worked."


I logged back in, and damned if he wasn't right. 16 copies of the stupid post. So I deleted all but the last one. Sorry if it flooded your aggregator with duplicate posts before I rebuilt. I have no idea what caused that hiccup, alas, so I can't promise it will never happen again. Next time, however, I won't try quite so many times to post an entry.


Don't you have FTP access to the server? At least you could do things a directory at a time that way.

My copy of Ecto does the same thing sometimes - probably one out of every five posts. :-\

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