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I'm terrible at doing work from home when I'm traveling. When I'm away, I'm focused on the things in the new environment--in this case, Microsoft activities. It's easy to forget that back home, people are waiting for me to get things done. It takes an effort to remember that home isn't in a state of suspended animation until my return.

So, today I'm going to focus on RIT work. Grading, finishing up details on the upcoming lab workshops, and grant research. It's beautiful here today--through my hotel room window I can see blue sky, green trees, and mountaintops. The temperature's in the 60s. But I'll be spending the day in my room, not out in that pretty day.

Must. Work.


Hi, I find your blog in Google by chance and I read this article.(I am not quite sure whether I have used the right word as I am not an native speaker of English.) And it seems to me that I can just feel what you complained. It is sunshine now in the city where I am. And it is middle spring now. The flowers and grasses are all so pretty here and the birds are singing happily. I just wanna have a walk in the park and take some photos. However, I have to work on my papers.

It is really unlucky. But I will try my best to finish it as soon as possible. Then I can enjoy all the beautiful things in this lovely season. And I hope that you can also finish the work on hand and enjoy what you like in the life.


I can't wait to go out to Seattle. Maybe we can get breakfast at that bakery you talked about sometime =)

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