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My sabbatical application for next year has been approved! I'm still working out the details, but it looks quite likely that I'll be spending next year (with my family) in the Seattle area.

This mean that I'll need copious advice from my Seattle-based friends and colleagues on finding a place to live, getting settled in, homeschooling our boys, and people we must look up when we arrive (probably in July).

It also means that RIT will be looking to replace me for a year with a visiting professor, which is the real point of this post. We really need someone who has both interest and expertise in web development and social computing. It's a great opportunity for someone in industry who wants to spend a year in academia, or an academic at another school who needs a sabbatical opportunity of their own.

I realize that Rochester isn't everybody's ideal destination, but it really is a great city to live in. And I can't say enough good things about the work environment--I have great colleagues, a wonderful office, excellent support staff, and incredible facilities (both technical and recreational). The cost of living here is very low (and if you act soon, you could even rent our close-to-campus house, complete with furnishings...), recreational and cultural opportunities abound, and the public schools are excellent.

If you're interested, send me email, and I can give you more details.


YEAH!!!! I'm happy to hear that :-)

Oh man - that's *great* news for us Seattlites. What will you be doing here?

I'm happy to help with advice or any help we can provide...

That's great! Congratulations!

If you don't already know David Silver (at the University of Washington), you should get to know him. He's a U of Maryland alum, founder of the Resource Center for Cyberculture Studies, and friends with many of the Wordherders.

Early welcome to Seattle, Liz. As Oren writes, this is a treat for us. If I can be of any use (another over extended mom, but my kids are older), or you need pointers to the best chocolate places or bakeries, please holler.

I think you've picked a good spot, Liz!

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