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Gerald's taken the boys to Polarwave (the winter equivalent of a waterpark), and I'm home playing with my new camera. Since one of the things I really wanted was the ability to take better, more detailed close-up shots, I decided to test the old and new cameras on the same image. I took close-up photos of the afghan I'm working on for Alex (same pattern as the one I did for my sister, different yarn color).

Here's the image from the old camera:

Yarn Closeup With Old Camera

And here's the one from the new camera:

Crochet Hook

Big difference in detail and clarity; and, since the second is a 5mp rather than 2mp image, I can crop it and get even closer in.


Recommendations don't matter too much considering you already picked a camera, but the Nikon Coolpix 4500 has a pretty impressive macro too:

That was one of my first test shots. Those are standard RCA plugs, 7/16" in diameter.

Congrats on the new hardware. =)

Dope! I'm super excited. I just ordered my A95 last week. I'm doing an even bigger jump than you -- my current camera is a Kodak DC220.

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