if you're seeing this entry, i've moved!

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This entry is an indication that I've successfully migrated mamamusings to a new host. (From WebIntellects to Total Choice, in case you're wondering.)

If you find anything behaving in an untoward way, let me know...

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I resolve to bail on my current Web host, 1and1, as soon as I can figure out where to go to. And I want to do this quickly before 1and1 bills me for another three months - which is going... Read More

Dear Professor Lawley: (Yes, please put on your professor hat for a moment.) Like the lemming I am, I signed up at Total Choice last night and began looking into transferring my stuff from 1and1. I figured what's good for... Read More


Liz, the archive links don't seem to work, just fyi.

Hi Liz, it works fine from your blog but it gives a "404 file not found" if one is checking your blog from withing Bloglines.

Happy New Year, Liz!

A new site on the first day of the New Year ! Great ! Now it's OK with Bloglines. Enjoy your 2005 !

I have been with Total Choice after numerous others. They are pretty good. Their customer service could be better. On the other hand, there has been little need for it.

Why did you switch hosts?

I moved because the provider for my son's server, bloghosts, was going under and I need to move him. My WebIntellects account allowed me to host five separate domains with different control panels, and I was already using all five.

By moving to TotalChoice, I save $5/month, and gain unlimited domains (as long as together they stay within my bandwidth limit, which seems likely since all but this one are low traffic).

I chose Total Choice because it got high ratings here, and because the price was very good.

Coming in loud and clear, here. Happy New Year, Liz! =)

Happy new year and welcome here with the rest of us!

I've been quite happy with total choice hosting thus far, hopefully we'll all continue to be happy with them for a long time yet.

Hi Liz -
I've looked at TotalChoice several times for the Wordherders group, but I've noticed that they do not allow multiple domains (I host about 4 domains and 15 subdomains currently). Their forums still seem to indicate that they do not support multiple domains pointing to different folders. Yet it looks like that's what you are doing ... what secret am I missing?

Thanks (and Happy New Year)!

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