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weezxmas.jpgWe had a lovely time last night at Weez's house--watching the Grinch, eating lots of Weez's wonderful food, admiring her brother's dreads (I tried to get him to do Lane's hair like that, but Lane wasn't going for it), and telling raunchy jokes in an attempt to get Katie to give out one of her trademark screeches.

When we got home the kids crashed, and Gerald and I wrapped the gifts--we got Lane an M-Audio Keystation 49/e keyboard so that he can make full use of GarageBand...he seems pretty pleased with it. For Alex, we got a Donkey Konga game, complete with extra bongos so that we could play with him.

Look out!Before we crashed, we also set up a model train to run around the tree. We've had the train for nearly ten years, but the kids weren't really old enough to appreciate it before. This year we decided it would be just right as an addition to the christmas mood, so we set it up (not an easy task) and got it running before going to be around midnight.

Now, I know I'm not the only parent who was awakened at 5am this morning. But I'm probably one of the few who was awakened by a child saying "Mommmmmmmmm....I just threw up!" <sigh> Poor Alex. Not his best Christmas morning, that's for sure. Only now, six hours later, is he keeping food down and showing some signs of interest in his presents.

Gerald got me two presents--the first one was in an Airport Express box, so I got really excited--but inside it turned out to be a "tan 'til Easter" package at a local tanning salon (an attempt to get me to go to the gym more often by making me feel less like a bleached and beached whale...). "Do you know how hard it is to find an empty Airport Express box?" he asked. Then I opened my second present, which was wrapped in a box from a local store. Inside was the actual Airport Express--yay! I've been wishing for one since they came out. We've already got it set up in the family room, connected to the Bose CD player. Now I can sit on the couch in front of the fireplace, and stream any of my music to the Bose. And we can move the family inkjet printer down there, too, since it can be connected directly to the AirportExpress rather than a computer. Nice.

(What did I get him, you ask? Well, I foolishly bought into the "let's not get each other Christmas gifts this year" ruse. Again. Will have to come up with some way to express my appreciation...)


had experienced an outbreak of the flu here in NJ: i have a small but very busy docs office and i take care of about 125 seniors. Its hard to know if a virus has hit the community when it hits in the beginning. Only after seeing several same clinical pattern cases do i realize there is a virus hitting the community. The community is very tight, and socializes; word about an illness breakout speads and residents take extra steps to prevent the spread: ie more aggressive handwashing, minor quaranteen, ect.

As with nausea and vomiting in a seven year old, its tough to know if it is a virus, or just nerves. My 19 month old son, george has been throwing up over the last 3 days. In his case, its not "nerves" and he still is mosttly a milk drinker, so I think it was a virus my 5 1/2 year old daughter had: it took about 5 days to clear with the nausia clearing on the third day, and the snotty nose still is persistant.

My hunch is that both cases were a virus: it would be interesting to have a parent blog network to monitor these things. one could count the cases and severity of illness. If the same illness could be tracked into other segments of a community, it could be useful diagnostic data to a networked medical office. But this would have to be hippa compliant: if persons choosed to post the info and community docs just happened to google it, then they could have a way of knowing what was happening and this could prevent unneed treatments within a community. Having the right diagnosis is key in preventing antibiotic overuse which in tern can lead to polyresistant strains if bacteria. This is important with ear infections in particular.

These same viruses can also effect grandmothers of these children this time of year; sometimes the symptoms can get persons admitted to the hospital and get unneeded testing which in itself can create iatrogenic problems.

Ok, it takes alot of experience to be able to sort this stuff out, but experience in the context of small town advocacy makes the experience more meaningful. It comes down to persons learning to communicate better.

PS: got my kids lots of lincoln blocks and legos!!!!

also a greek speaking alexa for my daughter.

good holiday!


sorry for the choppy grammar...i sort of speak like that...errors and all...but i use hand motion and face expression and it all makes sense...well, in my head it does...;-)

that bad christmas typer


An idea for "repayment": Keyspan just came out with a remote for the Airport Express - a receiver plugs into the USB port and relays commands back to iTunes (though I'm not sure if it could work with a printer as well...). Got one for my parents to go with their AP Express - I'm interested to see how it works for them.

Sorry to hear about the flu - we're just recovering from it here, but luckily aren't going anywhere for about 10 days straight, which is a nice change for the holidays :-)

Have a happy holiday and a healthy and joyous 2005!

I'm pretty sure Alex just had a 24 hour bug. He felt lousy yesterday, with a runny nose and lack of energy. Christmas isn't a particularly high-tension holiday here, so for him to wake up at 5, 6, and 7 vomiting means he was fighting something nasty. The hourly bouts continued until 9, at which point he started feeling better. He ate a good dinner, and seems in fine spirits now. (Here's hoping the rest of us don't follow suit...)

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